About P2PCast

About P2PCast

P2PCast is an http streaming video platform which was created to help broadcasters to communicate with the world for free. The idea first came on 2011 when a bunch of geeks realised that web needed a trustable free and open player, as an alternative to Ustream.tv and Justin.tv.

We were born big

Since day 1, our site infrastructure allowed to share your channels with an unlimited audience freely and securely. We use cloud services to make sure your live video gets on time and lagless where it needs to be played. Also we offer a Peer to Peer solution for streaming. P2PCast is a simple yet flexible solution for how to stream live video on your website. Common uses for P2PCast are: major press events, product launches, interactive how-to classes, sports, concerts, intense international protests, entertainment gatherings, elaborate church services, cute puppies, and the list goes on...

Our mission

Because sharing is part of what make us human, P2PCast's goal is allowing people from all around the world to share their real-time live videos with everybody, everywhere.


P2PCast's service supports all encoders that can output in RTMP live streaming (Flash). This includes broadcasting software encoders like Wirecast and the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. Professional hardware encoders can also be used, such as theTriCaster and VidiU. RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) is compatible with the following formats:


  • H264 video


  • Advanced audio coding (AAC) codec
Read the full Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) specification. PDF